Simple Way To Teach Your Dog To Shake Hand

First of all, sorry to our beautiful cat, horse, fowl or small-furry proprietors out there. This one is for dog owners – however, if you do manipulate to educate this trick to another pet we would certainly love to see.


Teaching your dog an exciting trick is all about patience, high-quality encouragement and reward. By training for simply 5 minutes or so a day, you can teach your canine to shake fingers in no time!


Step 1)


Can your pet perform the command, “sit”? If so, ask him to do so.


Step 2)


Kneel subsequent to your dog and hold out a deal with in your hand at your dog’s chest height. Show it to him so he is aware of it’s there, and then close your hand again.


Step 3)


Most dogs will then attempt and open your hand by means of pawing at it. If your dog stands up, gently remind him to sit again. As soon as your canine lifts his paw to strive and touch your hand, take his paw, praise him enthusiastically and provide him the treat. Repeat this until your dog is doing it easily.


Step 4)


Now it’s time to add a command. “Shake” will work just fine, but you could always say something extra playful like “how do you do”!


Step 5)


Now, every time you current the treat, say the command, and then praise your dog and give him the deal with when he holds up his paw.

Step 6)

Keep practising, little and often, and your sensible canine will soon be capable to greet your neighbours.

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